4G in Ladakh: Reliance Jio launches service after 4G network reaches Pangong Lake in Ladakh

4G Services in Ladakh: Users will now be able to enjoy fast internet 4G services even in the Union Territory of Ladakh’s Pangong Lake area. Reliance Jio, a veteran telecom company, has launched 4G voice and data services in Spangmik village on Pangong Lake in Ladakh. Jio is the first telecom operator to offer 4G mobile connectivity in the vicinity of Pangong Lake. Let us tell you that Pangong is a popular tourist destination in Ladakh, with thousands of domestic and international visitors flocking to see the beauty of Pangong Lake each year.

4G connectivity demand

The Jio Mobile Tower was inaugurated by Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal. On this occasion, the MP congratulated the people of the area, saying that they had been demanding 4G connectivity for a long time and that their demand had been met with the launch of Reliance Jio’s 4G services. Jio’s 4G service will improve connectivity for tourists and soldiers in the region, as well as boost the region’s economy.


Jio is continuously expanding network in Ladakh

Reliance Jio’s network in Ladakh is constantly being expanded. The weather is extremely harsh in this area, making conditions quite difficult. This area is blanketed in snow for the majority of the month. However, by erecting a tower in this location, Jio has linked it to its network. The residents of the area are now linked to the rest of the country via a 4G network.

Jio launched its services in Kanji, Urbis, and Hanupatta villages in Khalsi block, as well as Chunglungkha village in Diskit block, in May last month. Jio has already established a 4G network in areas such as Kargil, Zaskar, and Demchok. JioFiber broadband services are also available in Leh, Ladakh’s largest city.