How to do UPI Money transfer after Google Pay daily limit is reached?

This is the digital era. You consider UPI when you want to send or receive money from someone (Unified Payment Interface). That is, you prefer to conduct transactions using Google Pay, Phone Pay, or any other UPI payment method.

People use the simple app based on their preferences or user experience. Google Pay is extremely simple to use. That is why so many people use it. However, payments via Google Pay or other UPI apps are limited to one limit per day. So today we will tell you about the Google Pay limit and how to get more money if you want to send more than the limit.


Daily Limit

The Reserve Bank of India has set a one-day limit for transactions via UPI. This cap is set at Rs 1 lakh. If you want to transfer even one rupee more, you will be unable to do so. Aside from that, you cannot request more than Rs 2,000 per day through the app, which means you can request Rs 2,000 from anyone.

In general, these are the only two constraints. However, users are sometimes unable to transfer even Rs 1 lakh. This could be because their bank has set a limit for them. That is, your bank may only allow you to transfer $50,000 or any other amount in a single day.

In this case, you will be unable to transfer even Rs 1 lakh via UPI. Contacting your bank is the solution.

Another restriction is that you cannot perform more than 10 transactions per day across all UPI apps. If you make more than 10 transactions in 10 days, your app will reject you.

How to Transfer Funds After the Limit

As previously stated, the Reserve Bank of India sets this limit, so no app can violate it. You have some options for transferring money in this situation. Online net banking, NEFT, and IMPS are examples of these. You can also do this work offline by visiting a bank.