IRCTC News: Indian Railways new update, booking confirmation process

Traveling by Indian Railways will now become more convenient. IRCTC is making new plans. If Indian Railways takes this step, then confirmed tickets will be easily available. Apart from this, the rules for buying train tickets will also change. According to a report, Indian Railways will soon crack down on black marketing of ticket brokers.

Railways will make every effort to ensure that everyone gets confirmed tickets and the ticketing network is free from touts. According to a report by Zee Business, the government is considering bulk ticket booking, in which brokers book multiple tickets at once to indulge in black marketing. According to the report, to stop black marketing, touts should stop booking train tickets. This will stop black marketing of tickets.


According to Zee Business News, Indian Railways can change its ticketing policies. Indian Railways will now confirm the ticket booking over the phone. Along with this information about travel details, destination, booking method etc. can be obtained, and then ticket booking can be confirmed.

This change will not only check black marketing of tickets, but will also make it easier for touts to catch them. At the same time, in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, the focus will be on train passengers.

Railways has recently made a big change in the rules of ticket booking. An IRCTC user can now book 24 train tickets per month instead of 12, but they will have to link their Aadhaar card with their IRCTC account. At the same time, users who do not have Aadhar card, they will be able to book 12 train tickets instead of 6 every month.

Indian Railways has made it mandatory to verify the phone number and email address for bookings made through the IRCTC app or website. I cannot book train tickets till I complete this task. To confirm, visit the IRCTC website and book.